Who we are

Rehateam S.r.l. and Progeo Ultra-light Manual Wheelchairs and Physio Postural System was acquired by the Swedish company Permobil AB in July 2021. The acquisition is an important part of Permobil’s overall strategy of developing the next generation of advanced assistive technology and services for individuals.
Combined, Permobil and Progeo have over 75 years of leading quality within manual- and power wheelchairs, power assist, seating solutions and services.
Always looking for innovative, high quality solutions


For over fifty years, Permobil has been firmly pursuing the path of quality.
Today we give you enthusiasm and emotion.
Sometimes creativity and innovation are not enough to build a good product.
This is why we set ourselves more distant goals: to give a wheelchair a unique nature, with sensual lines, to attract and conquer with style its own freedom, making dreams fly beyond any impediment or barrier.
This is our world, this is the freedom of our daily life.
Progeo is now part of Permobil AB.


Our mission


The first goal is our Customers.
High quality, craftsmanship, product innovation, careful selection of the best materials, respect and consideration of the customer: these are the "key words" and with our values, which have made our wheelchairs known and appreciated throughout the world.


There is passion in what we do.
Building unique ultralight wheelchairs designed to represent the personality of the users; product no longer to be used, but to wear to reinforce the conviction of feeling at ease in every place, in everyday life, in relationships, in any environment.


In front of everything, we put quality.
The product is a result of innovative ideas, often recognizable by a single detail that sometimes is considered an authentic icon of design. 

Our rang of products